10 000 Bulgarians and foreigners gathered to Kamen Bryag for July Morning fest 2012

More than 10 000 Bulgarians and foreign visitors gathered to the Kamen Bryag coast early on Sunday to see the sunrise and celebrate a unique holiday. On Sunday, John Lawton delighted the crowd by performing “July Morning” exactly at dawn (5:33 am local time). Famous singer of Uriah Heep took part in the event for the sixth time and was accompanied by popular Bulgarian rock band B.T.R.

Due to the expected crowd of people, all security measures was planned in advance. The end of rocks was also properly marked with illuminated stripes.

It was at Kamen Bryag where the tradition started, but it is celebrated all across the seaside now, including near the cities of Varna, Burgas and Sozopol. The “July Morning” fest , dedicated to the famous eponymous song by Uriah Heep, tradition dates back to the hippie period in the 1970s and 1980s and originated as a protest against the restrictions of the communist regime.