Eight thousand people are expected to celebrate July Morning at Kamen Bryag

Eight thousand people are expected to gather Thursday evening at Kamen Bryag village, the traditional location for the hippy-style celebration of hailing the first sunrise of July, known as July Morning.

The first performances in the morning of July 1 on the beach in Kamen Bryag will be by Varna bands REV and Command 5. They will be followed on the stage near the “Ogancheto” district by the famous Bulgarian rock-band B.T.R.

At 5.32 am, just as the sun starts to rise, Uriah Heep’s John Lawton will hail it with the cult song July Morning. This will be the fifth performance of the vocalist of the British rock band from the 70s for the Bulgarian holiday.

Following the death of a young man in 2009, who fell off a cliff and drowned at Kamen Bryag, solar lamps have been installed on the edge of the cliff at every five meters, covering a line of one kilometer, a kilometer and a half. The central area is also ring-fenced, while about 100 policemen have been deployed on the very day of the celebrations to make sure there are no accidents.

The July morning tradition dates back to the hippy period in the 1970s and 1980s and originated as a protest against the restrictions of the communist regime. Nowadays this meaning is lost but the sun worship as a symbol of a new beginning in life motivates young people to keep the tradition alive.

As the name suggests, the anthem of the celebrations is British rock band Uriah Heep’s 1972 hit July Morning.